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Hand hygiene | Our hand-washing and hand-sanitising protocols

Take the necessary precautions to ensure good hand hygiene and therefore the safety and well-being of those within your facility.

Now more than ever, hygiene is one of your key priorities. As your partner, it is vital for us to stand by your side and provide you with hand-hygiene solutions adapted to your business and your needs.

Washing our hands is vital and something we do several times a day, but we don’t always wash them the way we should be doing. To guide your employees and customers when it comes to washing their hands correctly, we are providing you with the Elis hand-washing or hand-sanitising protocols.

These protocols are easy to display in your washrooms, near the sink or in hand-sanitising areas, and they have been designed as a reminder of the correct process. The numbered steps and accompanying images make it easy to quickly identify the process that should be followed, ensuring people are washing their hands correctly.

Communicating these best practices also helps limit the spread of bacteria, viruses and diseases, especially within your facility.

Ideally, soap and water should be used to wash hands and this is what health authorities recommend to keep hands clean. Nevertheless, it’s also worth bearing in mind the importance of drying your hands, which helps remove any residual dirt or moisture.

In each of our hand-washing protocols, we emphasise this final stage of the process to guarantee unparalleled hygiene:

Protocol_fusion_hand_washing_No Touch+hand dryer cotton

Download here

When water is not available to your teams or visitors, hand-sanitising is the best solution.

In the same vein, our dedicated protocols recap the various steps to be followed in order to sanitise your hands properly:

Protocole_désinfection des mains par friction_avec No Touch

Download here

Did you know?

  • How effective are soap and hydroalcoholic gel against viruses?

    Washing hands with soap and water breaks down the virus and prevents it from penetrating the cells, making it inactive. The soap also clears the skin of virus fragments as it does with all other dirt.

    Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is composed of alcohol dissolved in water (60% to 90% by volume) which denatures certain proteins in the viral envelope, making the virus unable to enter a cell. On the other hand, unlike soap which "cleans", hydroalcoholic gel is not effective on dirty hands. Alcohol is deactivated by the presence of too much fat on the skin (visible stains). The hydroalcoholic gel should be used on dry, non-soiled and woundless skin.

    The World Health Organization recommends handwashing with soap and water whenever it is possible (thanks to an access to water and soap) and the use of hydroalcoholic gel in other situations, especially when you are on a trip.

  • Why the need to wash your hands for 30 seconds?

    Washing duration is key to an effective hand washing. The more often and the longer you wash your hands, the higher the rate of elimination of microorganisms becomes. It is therefore essential to take the time and wash your hands at least 30 seconds. This enables you to cover all surfaces of your hands thoroughly, such as between fingers.

  • Why dry your hands well?

    After a thorough washing and a quality rinsing, it is necessary to finish with effective hand drying. Indeed, drying your hands is very important because it removes any dirt residues and moisture from the skin. You should know that most of microorganisms are transmitted by wet hands. 

Elis offers its expertise to help you welcome your employees and customers back in the best possible conditions. So the odds are in your favour to do your job with complete peace of mind.

Get in touch with your dedicated Elis contact to request hand-washing or hand-sanitising protocols adapted to your business.

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