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Customer Experience at Elis

Cornerstones of the Elis customer experience

Customer experience has guided our actions since the Group was founded. Elis uses three key principles to ensure we always have a relationship of trust with our customers:

  • Proximity

    Elis’s extensive network helps us to support our customers wherever they are by guaranteeing short turnaround times. There are dedicated contact persons in every Elis centre who nurture customer relationships and make sure services run smoothly.

  • Simplicity

    Maximum efficiency is guaranteed when you let a multi-service partner handle the laundry and maintenance of workwear, linen or hygiene products. It will save you time, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

  • Reliability

    Our goal at Elis is to have industry know-how, turnkey solutions, consistently excellent service, considerable flexibility and controlled costs.


Elis places customer relationships at the heart of its business model. By offering our customers innovative experiences, we create value for them, our end users and our Group.

Caroline Roche Director of Marketing & Innovation

Your simple and secure online account

We know that you like to save time and make life easier for yourself, and we want to help you do so via your online account MyElis. MyElis is practical, intuitive and secure, and it allows you to track our services that are specific to you and gives you the opportunity to make requests with ease.

The main menu allows you to browse the account’s various features, while you can manage your subscription details and view your deliveries and invoices with a single click. You can also send us requests or complaints, or request an appointment with our Customer Service team directly from the account.

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    Continuous access

    Access MyElis from your computer or tablet 24/7.

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    Perfect simplicity

    MyElis can be accessed directly from the home page. All you need to do is enter your login details.

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    Simple management

    View your inventory and latest deliveries by item or by wearer, as well as access all invoices and payments for the last 12 months.

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    Always in touch

    Get in touch with your dedicated Elis centre directly from your account and use it to make an appointment with an advisor.

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    Perfectly suited to your needs

    Whatever your company’s size, structure and trade, MyElis is the tool that makes managing all of your services a breeze.

Elis ensures systematic traceability of intervention

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We are here to help improve your experience

Integrated into the Marketing department, the Customer Experience department reflects the Group’s commitment to adopt a customer-focused strategy. This can also be seen in the "5 stars" customer satisfaction programme which unites all of our employees around five major commitments:

❯ making sure that customers are completely satisfied with the services provided;
❯ providing a service that meets customer expectations;
❯ providing a more personalised service by getting closer to customers;
❯ responding rapidly and effectively to customer needs; 
❯ being proactive and proposing solutions.

The Customer Experience department further strengthened these efforts by launching the “Customer Voice” programme in 2017, aimed at paying greater attention to customer feedback at Elis centres through revamped processes and training sessions.

Using digital technology to foster personalised relationships

Every year, Elis develops new innovative tools to help meet customer needs and give all customers a better experience. For example, Elis is rolling out a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programme to make each and every interaction with our customers more relevant and in line with their expectations.

Nourrir une relation personnalisée via le digital

Elis développe chaque année de nouveaux outils innovants pour améliorer l’expérience de chacun de nos clients et contribuer à leur satisfaction. Ainsi, Elis déploie un programme CRM (Customer Relationship Management) pour rendre chacune des interactions avec nos clients toujours plus pertinente et en accord avec leurs attentes.

Customers at the core of our DNA

  • 400,000

    Customers in 28 countries over two continents

  • 50,000

    Satisfaction surveys conducted in 2018

  • 87,7 %

    Customer satisfaction (according to a study conducted by Elis in the first half of 2019)

  • + 4

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) over all other countries in the Group

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