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Publics authorities and administration

Public authorities and Administrations

Because you deal with the general public on a daily basis, and want to do so in the best possible conditions, we provide you with a range of washroom equipment and hospitality products in line with your facility’s hygiene requirements. What’s more, thanks to bespoke product solutions, our service helps you save time every day. 

Why choose Elis?

  • Compliant with hygiene standards


    Compliant with hygiene standards

    Because taking care of children or looking after communities is a great responsibility, you need to ensure that hygiene standards are upheld in your washroom facilities. To meet this requirement, we provide a range of appropriate professional washroom products (for hand washing, toilet hygiene, feminine hygiene and air fragrancing). 

  • Safety first


    Safety first

    We know how much the health security of your establishment means to you. That’s why here at Elis, we provide you with tailored solutions for pest prevention and control, ensuring maximum protection for your premises. 

  • Seamless service


    Seamless service

    Because you strive to provide the public with a welcoming environment and a high standard of service, we support you by managing the replacement of washroom equipment, as well as the delivery and replenishment of hygiene consumables. We also service your equipment (water coolers, coffee machines, mats, etc.) to make sure they do the best job every day.


Thanks to our bespoke solutions, we allow you to focus on your core business, while keeping an eye on your budget.

  • Objective

    Your needs assessed by our experts

    We assess your needs in advance so we can offer you bespoke solutions.

  • Picto_storage

    Purchase and storage of your items by Elis

    Because you do not have the time to manage your teams’ clothing and linen, we take charge of their purchase and storage.

  • Recycle

    Laundering of your items

    Quality checks are made at every stage of the cleaning process at specialised facilities.

  • Picto_truck_delivery

    Regular pickup and delivery

    We tailor our services to your pace and your preferences.

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