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The Personal Laundry service

In short...

Our partner AD3 provides an individual service for personal laundry for settings such as residential homes and specialised residential care facilities for people with disabilities. AD3 also provides bespoke solutions for nursery and school linen, including delicate linen.

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The AD3 service provides the following guarantees at all times:

  • 100% traceability for error-free linen returns 
  • Guaranteed, RABC-certified microbiological cleanliness
  • A dedicated contact person
  • A managed budget via a monthly package
  • Cleaning for all types of textiles, including delicate linen

A step-by-step guide to our procedure

Linen returned within 48 hours, or just 24 hours if you have an in-house laundry facility!

  • Clothes tagging

  • Washers and dryers equipped with a wet-cleaning system

  • Linen ironing and folding service

  • Shipment to the facility

  • Sorting by AD3 depending on linen type

  • Sewing

  • Shrink-wrapping of linen by resident

  • Simplified sorting for your staff

  • Quality control

  • Identification of linen

In-house facility: the internal solution

If your establishment has an in-house laundry facility, AD3 will ensure it complies with the RABC standard, and set up its organisation, with the appropriate equipment and staff.

  • More flexibility every day

    • No need to pre-sort laundry
    • No more concerns about linen management
  • Seamless logistics

    • Computer-based tagging
    • Clean linen available in 24 hours
  • A monthly, managed linen budget

    AD3 takes care of staff costs, laundry products, etc.

  • Personalised follow-up

    A dedicated contact person measures satisfaction levels periodically via an assessment form.

  • Laundry requirement audit available

    If your establishment only wishes to take advantage of laundry management expertise, AD3 can audit your requirements and manage the installation and maintenance of equipment.

Outsourced solution: a decentralised laundry

For establishments with no in-house laundry facilities, AD3 has its own outsourced laundries available, which meet the RABC standard. This service makes organising linen management easier.

  • Space-saving, and no more laundry room expenses

    By entrusting this service to AD3, you are freeing up space in your establishment and saving money, meaning you can focus on your core business!

  • Seamless logistics

    • Computer-based tagging
    • Pick-up and delivery of linen three times a week
  • A monthly, managed linen budget

    A budget to suit your facility’s occupancy rate

  • More flexibility every day

    No more concerns about linen management in care facilities or in households.

  • Personalised follow-up

    A dedicated contact person measures satisfaction levels periodically via an assessment form.

The PLUS POINTS of AD3’s service/Benefits

  • AD3_linge personnel_traçabilité


    Enhanced traceability via an innovative RFID chip system

    • Super-fast cabinet checking to prevent any laundry mix-ups
    • Scanning of laundry bags and bins to find lost clothing in a flash
  • AD3_linge personnel_Buanderie interne


    Increase your income with the in-house solution

    Possibility of generating additional revenue by dealing with laundry within your facility.

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