A collection of mats specially designed
to communicate your messages and attract attention.

Elis has developed three ranges of mats for you – Trade, Welcome and Signage – to suit your establishment and the messages you want to send.

Elis_Sol_Tapis_Thématiques_Boulangerie Elis_Sol_Tapis_Thématiques_Primeur Elis_Sol_Tapis_Thématiques_Boucherie Elis_Sol_Tapis_Thématiques_Poissonnerie

Trade Mats

A nod to your trade as soon as your customers walk in.

Available items: four trades represented: delicatessen, fishmonger, butcher and baker
Dimensions: 85 x 200 cm and 85 x 150 cm
Fibres: Nylon
Backing: Non-adhesive, non-memory Superstyrene


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Welcome Mats

Red, Brown, Grey, Blue

85 x 150 cm


Non-adhesive, non-memory Superstyrene


Signage Mats

Available items
A collection of nine signage mats (safety shoes required, slippery floor, no smoking, no mobiles, etc.)

85 x 150 cm


Non-adhesive, non-memory Superstyrene


A broad range of mats to welcome visitors and promote your business.


Elis mats made of a series of technical fibres for better brushing and to capture grime.


Guaranteed hygiene thanks to industrial cleaning for a deep-down clean.

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Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract Mats

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to maximum responsiveness based on your needs and to regular deliveries adapted to your constraints (hours and quantities).


  • Expertise Enjoy expert advice from Elis for precise assessments of your needs based on fluctuations in your business.


  • Hygiene and quality &Elis provides regular deliveries and industrial treatments, as well as free replacements of used mats to ensure your spaces remain clean.


  • Comprehensive range Elis offers six ranges of mats to ensure their suitability in any atmosphere.

Financial benefits

  • Cost control Elis buys and stores items based on your establishment, for better budgetary control (flat monthly fee, no investment in equipment).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your fluctuations in your business.


  • Budget calculations in advance Your Elis centre will establish a monthly subscription to keep your budget under control.