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Notre solution pour garantir à vos salariés des masques désinfectés !

Our solution

Elis offers a long-term, economical, eco-responsible solution for the purchase and/or laundering of fabric face masks

Don’t have your own masks?

  • We have a selection of masks for sale to meet your needs. They will then be your property.
    Elis has developed a range of protective fabric masks, including Category UNS1 (recommended for workers who are frequently in contact with the public) and Category UNS2 (for workers who are occasionally in contact with the public).


  • We will then collect, clean and redistribute your masks.


Already have your own fabric face masks?

  • We can test your masks to make sure they are compatible with industrial washing.
  • We will then collect, clean and redistribute your masks.

How can Elis support you?

Elis has established a procedure for the collection, maintenance and return of your masks so that you can protect your teams and boost their peace of mind, as they will not have to take their masks home with them.

We are here to help you, every step of the way, from your needs assessment to the re-delivery of your clean, disinfected masks.

  • Assessment of your needs by an expert

    Assistance with your choice of masks and determination of staff allocations.

  • Verification of your masks’ compliance

    Washing tests performed at one of our centres to confirm that your masks are compatible with our industrial processes.

  • Support in setting up the service

    A contract aligned with your business, with a committed team by your side and a dedicated online account.
    Advice on the collection and distribution of masks, and assistance with the communication of information to your employees.
    Dedicated equipment (laundry bags, net bags in the name of each delivery point, etc.).

  • A washing process which guarantees complete disinfection of your masks

    Collection and distribution processes which guarantee hygiene at every step: your masks are collected in dedicated net bags to ensure their traceability and returned in shrink wrapped packets.
    A heat-based virucidal washing process, at temperatures of at least 60°C for a washing cycle of 30 minutes or more.

  • Logistics adapted to your requirements

    Regular pick-ups and deliveries, arranged to contain the risk of contamination. Packaging, quantities and distribution of your masks as per your wishes.

Our commitments

Protective masks must be maintained using a strict process. Going through Elis guarantees that this process will be followed and that your masks will be correctly disinfected.

  • Picto_hygiene

    Guaranteed hygiene

    with special collection, cleaning and distribution processes designed to guarantee hygiene.

  • Recycle

    An eco-responsible solution

    rooted in the circular economy, compared to disposable masks.

  • Picto_saving

    An economical solution

    that gives you budget control, in the form of a flat fee.

  • Picto_simplicity_serenite

    A long-term solution

    that protects you against stock outages.

Our products

  • Face mask Svarmil


    Svarmil fabric face mask

    This mask with elastic straps has two layers.
    The outer fabric (generally used for textiles dedicated to cleanrooms) is very filtering. It is made of polyester / carbon fibre 108g / m². The inner fabric is made of 50% polyester and 50% 180gsm cotton.

    Available in white, one size.

  • Face mask Howfleet


    Howfleet fabric face mask

    This mask is composed of an outer fabric generally used in cleanrooms: 99% polyester and 1% carbon fibre with water repellent treatment, very filtering; and an inner fabric treated with anti-bacteria (100% polyester).
    It has two layers, and elastic straps.

    Available in several colours, one size.

  • Face mask Denantes


    Denantes fabric face mask

    This three-layer mask with elastic straps is classified UNS1 for 10 washes.
    It has 2 sides: the outside is made of 67% cotton and 33% polyester (135g / m²), and the inside is 100% cotton (210 g / m²).

    Available in white or blue, one size.

  • Face mask Standard 1


    Standard fabric face mask

    This mask with elastic straps has two layers.
    The outer fabric is 100% polyester and the inner fabric is non-woven.
    It complies with category 1 DGA at 5 washes.

    Available in white, one size.

Important information

You are responsible for your choice of protective masks.

Under no circumstances should these face masks be worn by healthcare providers.  

We guarantee that our masks have been tested and certified by the DGA (French General Directorate for Armed Forces) and IFTH (French Institute for Textile & Apparel).

Learn more about the mask certification process (in French).

Masks user instruction

Mask_user guide

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