A resolutely modern collection of table linens

With its thin white stripes and choice of refined colours,
the Square Collection will add a touch of chic elegance to your tables.
Thanks to adapted maintenance, Elis guarantees impeccable, quality table linens for your restaurant.

Elis_Collection_Carre Elis_Collection_Carre Elis_Collection_Carre

Square Collection

A collection that is both sophisticated and contemporary.

Technical characteristics:
Materials: 100% cotton
Weight: 220 g/m²
Available items: napkins, table runners, tablemats and tablecloths
Colours: White, Ecru, Camel

Made in France

a collection developed and manufactured by Le Jacquard Français.


quality linens for an immaculate image of your establishment.

Comprehensive service

a complete rental and maintenance solution for table linens.


A current collection, developed and manufactured by Le Jacquard Français.

Elis_Collection_Carre Elis_Collection_Carre Elis_Collection_Carre

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Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract Linens

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to maximum responsiveness based on your needs and to regular deliveries adapted to your constraints (hours, storage space, quantities, vehicle type and packaging).


  • Advice Elis’s teams specialize in the hospitality sector and are ready to guide you in your choice from amongst our collections.


  • Hygiene and quality Elis provides treatment for linens adapted to each item. They are inspected at our plants and replaced when necessary, to ensure we always have immaculate linens available.


  • A large choice of collections Elis offers a broad range of products suited to any atmosphere.

Financial benefits

  • No initial investment required Elis buys and stores items for better budgetary control (no investment in linens).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your needs.


  • Simplified expenses Your Elis centre will establish a monthly subscription for simplified accounts.


Nappes et serviettes

Tablecloths and napkins: cloth is always a winner at restaurants

According to an Elis study conducted in partnership with Institut Paul Bocuse, 79% of consumers prefer fabric to paper.

Trends in diningware have evolved since the paper napkin was invited to restaurant tables. But has it supplanted the cloth napkin? Not really.

Elis called on the Research Centre at Institut Paul Bocuse to conduct a test amongst guests dining at its experimental restaurant. Without being told in advance about the purpose of the operation, they ate their meals with a tablecloth and napkins made of either fabric or paper. The “fabric” experience was applauded as a sign of comfort and quality, as well as being environmentally-friendly. In fact, two out of three diners were prepared to pay an extra euro to sit at a table with a fabric tablecloth. Good news for fabric tablecloths and napkins!


Traitement du linge


Treatment of linens

Elis’s industrial process combines operator precision with machine performance. This guarantees optimal quality for you.

The technical teams set up treatments adapted to each item in order to achieve linen cleaning and disinfection conditions that ensure perfect hygiene. Elis’s plants also guarantee the controlled consumption of water, energy and laundry products.

Regular quality controls are performed at each step in the process: arrival, calendering, drying and shipment preparation. In this way, whenever an item no longer meets the desired quality level (large holes, stains, tears or wear), it is set aside and replaced.