A range of delicious beverage
to satisfy all your employees’ cravings.

Perfect as a supplement to your espresso machine or your hot water cooler,
Elis offers a selection of major partner brands like Nescafé, Van Houten, Twinings and Lipton.

Elis - Boissons Gourmandes

Gourmet Beverages

COFFEES: espresso without sugar, espresso with sugar or cappuccino
TEAS: Earl Grey, lemon or mint tea
SOUP: vegetable soup with croutons
FLAVOURED BEVERAGES: praline milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut cappuccino or caramel cappuccino

Explore the full range

Elis - Distributeur - Boisson

Pre-measured cup dispenser

Vending machine with a capacity of 200 cups. Able to accommodate up to seven different beverages.



Elis - Carrousel de présentation - Boisson

Display carousel

A practical, appealing display of the cups

Large choix

Faites votre choix parmi une large sélection de grandes marques partenaires et offrez une variété de dégustation à vos collaborateurs ou clients (café, chocolat, thés…)

Simplement bon

Enlevez l’opercule, ajoutez de l’eau, mélangez, dégustez !


Profitez de la livraison de spatules avec votre kit de boissons gourmandes

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Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract Beverages

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to maximum responsiveness based on your needs and to regular deliveries adapted to your constraints (hours, storage space, quantities, etc.), plus servicing within 48 hours in urgent cases.


  • Advice Elis will provide recommendations based on your actual needs, for optimal alignment with your consumption levels.

Financial benefits

  • Cost control Elis buys and stores items based on your establishment, for better budgetary control (flat monthly fee, no investment in equipment).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your fluctuations in your business.


  • Elis industrial know-how With Elis, you will reap the benefits of the latest technical innovations and updates to regulations.