Digital platform providing you with smart data

Within a highly regulated industry many things are being done offline. This makes it difficult to oversee and ensure compliance to the high standards.  Connected Cleanroom™ has been developed in cooperation with our customers to improve SOP compliance and time efficiency for your employees.

All the data collected is translated into a sophisticated overview that matches your KPIs. This will create more transparency through the lifecycle of cleanroom apparel and other systems.

With the ability to collect data and make decisions based on insights by using data analytics your cleanroom becomes fully integrated into the operations.

connected cleanroom

Textile Management

Introducing Connected Textile Management in the first phase – this enables you to gather data on your cleanroom article usage and validates SOP compliance in your cleanrooms. Using UHF technology or Barcode scanning, this new approach to textile management will offer you increased transparency and comprehensive data from any part of the cycle. The data from our facility alongside the data from our scanning stations and/or smart cabinets will feed into intelligent dashboards that are at your disposal. This will support building your insights and keep you in compliance according to GMP and SOPs.

Data Dashboard - Connected Cleanroom

Data Dashboard

The dashboards will convert the data collected from both on-site scanning solutions and our laundries and display it in an easy to understand form. Accessible via any browser, you can easily track and trace your cleanroom apparel and cleaning systems.

Station de scannage - Connected cleanroom

Scan Station

The easy to use Scan Station enables you to collect the product data from operators at your facility. Once installed, data logs will seamlessly feed into your Connected Cleanroom cloud which will be translated into your customised dashboards. It is an effective collection and return process using multiple scan UHF technology or Barcode scanning.

Distributeur de textiles intelligent - Connected cleanroom

Smart Textile Dispenser

An automated solution which uses the operator’s personal ID and allows them to choose the desired items according to their set profile. A simple way to remain in control of the stock levels and without the risk of running out your cleanroom articles at any point.