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Elis is here to help you safely reopen

Bespoke solutions

Between hand hygiene, collection and disinfection of fabric face masks, and disinfection of your premises, Elis offers a variety of bespoke solutions for the protection of your customers and your teams:

  • Pick-up and/or cleaning of fabric face masks with guaranteed disinfection
  • Disinfection of your premises
  • Workwear
  • Hand washing and drying.


Reopen your business safely, for your teams and customers alike, thanks to Elis’s hygiene and disinfection solutions.

Hand hygiene

Reducing the risk of handborne infection means washing and drying hands or rubbing them with a hand sanitising solution. Elis offers a variety of options for these different techniques to ensure optimal protective practices.

  • Washing hands with soap and water, then drying

    The mechanical effect of washing them with soap and water effectively removes nearly all dirt from the hands. This should be done for 30 to 60 seconds. Drying the hands helps to get rid of any remaining grime.

    Elis’s solutions:

    • Foaming and liquid bactericidal soaps, suitable for daily use
    • Cotton towel rolls treated as per a bactericidal, fungicidal process and endowed with a texture which captures dirt and germs
    • Compartmentalised towel dispensers with a rolling mechanism to ensure each section is only used once
    • Hand drying solutions using paper towels
  • Rubbing hands with a hydroalcoholic sanitiser

    Hand hygiene through friction requires clean, dry hands. The alcohol in hydroalcoholic solutions disinfects the hands after 30 seconds of friction.

    Benefits of Elis’s Hydroalcoholic Solutions:

    • Contactless use for enhanced hygiene
    • Broad coverage of different viruses: coronavirus, flu, and hepatitis B and C
    • Strict compliance with standards: bactericide as per EN 1500 and EN 12971 and virucides as per EN 14476

Face mask cleaning

To be fully effective, face masks must be used and disinfected according to strict processes. Elis has developed a procedure for collecting, cleaning and returning your masks to ensure you always have safe protective equipment for your teams.

  • Before set-up

    We perform washing tests to confirm your masks’ compatibility with our processes.

  • Pick-up

    We collect your masks in net bags assigned to individual users and in dedicated fabric bags.

  • Washing

    The masks are washed for 30 minutes at 60°C to guarantee complete disinfection.

  • Return delivery

    We deliver your disinfected masks back to you in film-wrapped packets.

Disinfection of premises

We still know fairly little about how long COVID-19 can survive on different surfaces. A study conducted by American researchers and published in The New England Journal of Medicine has shown that the virus can live for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic. But studies of certain coronaviruses like SARS and MERS have demonstrated that these viruses can also persist on metal and glass for up to nine days (and as long as 28 days at low temperatures). This explains the importance of meticulously disinfecting your premises.

By instituting rigorous routines, Elis can guarantee your premises’ health and safety for the reopening of your business.
We are able to service shops, restaurants, offices, industrial sites, hotels, healthcare institutions and vehicle fleets.

  • Treatment

    Our dedicated Elis Pest Control solution offers bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal treatments.

  • Solutions

    Our certified technicians use sprays and atomisers filled with products which are compliant with current legislation.

  • Procedures

    Our procedures are perfectly safe for people, allowing you to offer quality service and the peace of mind afforded by optimal efficacy.

  • Routines

    We adapt our routines to your business sector and the specific features of your premises. We also handle the treatment of your different touch points (doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, etc.).


Between workwear hygiene and compliance with your industry’s standards, Elis brings its expertise to the table and adapts to your new regulatory and health requirements.

  • The Elis process: Guaranteed hygiene

    With our ISO 9001 certification, custom services that meet each profession’s regulatory requirements, industrial washing in accordance with the recommendations of the French High Council for Public Health (a combination of detergents and a wash temperature of 60°C), and the physical separation of dirty and clean laundry, our processes guarantee optimal cleanliness and disinfection for your garments.

    Each week, we safely collect your clothes from your changing rooms and then clean and return them, with all trolley covers and delivery bags washed and disinfected, and our service agent wearing gloves and mask. 

    We can help you organise your changing rooms by providing all the equipment you need to separate your clean and dirty laundry, plus small posters to inform your teams about hygiene and good practices.

  • Benefits of Elis’s bespoke solutions

    You get to focus on your core business while we handle every aspect of the workwear service: provision of a sufficient stock of garments so you can rotate through your clean clothes; adaptation of how often we change out your items based on your business needs; and personalisation and sizing of your staff’s workwear.

    We offer collections in line with your professional expectations: a broad selection of practical, attractive and comfortable work clothes.

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