Cotton roller towels, the optimal hand drying solution

There can be no hand hygiene without effective drying. After carefully washing the hands, a cotton roller towel can help to remove any residual grime thanks to its Hacabak weave that is gentle on the skin.
With the cotton roller towel, you can offer your customers and staff a gentle, unique hand drying solution with the absorbent power of 100% cotton fibres.

Elis-Sanitaire-Essuie-mains-Coton Elis-Sanitaire-Essuie-mains-Coton Elis-Sanitaire-Essuie-mains-Coton

Retractable Cotton Roller Towel

A cotton roller towel dispenser providing optimal hygiene through the single-use spool that never sags.

Technical characteristics:
Mechanical retraction
Available in a variety of colours and finishes
Metal and recycled ABS
Locks with a key

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Classic Cotton Roller Towel

A cotton roller towel that is exceptionally easy to use


Mini Cotton Roller Towel

An ergonomic dispenser that requires little space


A comprehensive service covering device installation and delivery of clean spools


Two compartments that separate the clean spool from the used spool


Complete, fast absorption by the cotton fibres


The hand drying solution that best supports sustainable development



A 100% cotton spool for gentle hand drying

Cotton provides for a pleasant drying experience thanks to the natural softness and absorbent powers of its fibres.

The towelling’s special Hacabak weave helps to remove residual grime whilst being gentle on the skin. The spools are then treated by Elis using a bactericidal, virucidal process at temperatures of up to 80°C. Internal microbiological and quality tests are also performed to ensure the spools are perfectly clean.

The principle of the cotton roller towel is based on recycling. In fact, when the towelling begins to show too many imperfections, the rolls are dyed blue to prolong their life. They are then used by dirtier industries (mechanics, heavy industry, etc.). Once the blue rolls come to the end of their life cycle, they are in turn reused as rags.



A personalizable sanitary line

Aqualine washroom equipment can be personalized with four colours, four patterns and three finishes. This personalization can be applied to all the line’s sanitary dispensers (hand drying, toilet paper distribution, toilet hygiene, feminine hygiene and air freshening) for the complete, consistent equipment of your washrooms.


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Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to regular deliveries based on your needs and to maximum responsiveness in unexpected circumstances.


  • Advice You will receive a customized device arrangement and installation plan produced by technical experts.


  • Sustainable development Elis offers a range of products selected for their proven environmental properties, with a broad selection of Ecolabel certified products, environmentally-friendly cotton hand towels, and dispensers designed to prevent overconsumption.

Financial benefits

  • No initial investment required Elis buys and stores the items to give you better budgetary control (no investment required).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your needs.