Combination of technological innovation and design

A high-performance, modern espresso machine endowed with professional-grade pressure, guaranteeing real espresso (16 bars).

Elis _ Presto 2 Coffee Machine Elis _ Presto 2 Coffee Machine Elis _ Presto 2 Coffee Machine

Presto 2 Coffee Machine

Perfect delivery of the flavours of the coffee
A multi-purpose machine thanks to an integrated hot water nozzle
Easy to use thanks to a display with back-list buttons

Technical characteristics:
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 31 x 41 x 45.5 cm (LxDxH)

Espresso technology:

a high temperature regulated to 80°C, perfect doses of ground coffee (6.5-7 g) and high pressure (16 bars), guaranteeing perfect delivery of the full aroma of the coffee it produces.

Large Choice

Grands crus of coffee: a selection of espressos made up of four Grands Crus to satisfy every coffee lover.


a Brita filter to remove lime and chlorine (add the little R after Brita), incorporated into the water tank.


easy to use thanks to a display, automatic ejection of the pods after use, and automatic verification of the levels in the water tank and the used coffee pod tray.

Elis - Machine à café - Boisson - Capsule


Elis selected Malongo, which prioritizes the use of small plantations and Grands Crus, to guarantee you the best taste profiles. Grand Arôme, Moka, Decaf and Lungo: our Grands Crus offer you a wonderful variety of flavours to explore.

As a guarantee of quality, the pods are individual and hermetically sealed to preserve the full aroma of the coffee.

Elis - Machine à café - Boisson - Max Havelaar




Elis and Malongo are committed to the environment, using biodegradable pods made of 100% natural paper filters. Additionally, the Ethiopian Moka and Decaf coffees are certified Fairtrade / Max Haavelaar and AB (organic farming). 

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Benefits of a
rental/maintenance contract

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to maximum responsiveness based on your needs and to regular deliveries adapted to your constraints (hours, storage space, quantities, etc.), plus servicing within 48 hours in urgent cases.


  • Hygiene and quality Elis performs regular maintenance on our coffee machines to ensure impeccable hygiene, as well as a repair service for greater reassurance.


  • Advice Elis will provide recommendations based on your actual needs, for optimal alignment with your consumption levels.

Financial benefits

  • Cost control Elis buys and stores items based on your establishment, for better budgetary control (flat monthly fee, no investment in equipment).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your fluctuations in your business.


  • Elis industrial know-how With Elis, you will reap the benefits of the latest technical innovations and updates to regulations.