A complete solution for the collection and disposal of your PIMW*

According to the French Public Health Code, “any person producing PIMW is required to dispose of it”.

Elis can support you in the treatment, collection and disposal of your waste, in accordance with current regulations (Articles R.1335-1 to R.1335-1 of the Public Health Code). This service covers every step in the disposal of your PIMW: assessment, supply of collectors and drums for optimal sorting of waste in your PIMW space, and handling of compliant disposal by a specialized, certified chain.


a review of your PIMW production

Medical safety

strict compliance with current regulations


handling of your PIMW by a specialized chain

Adapted service

a specially designed range of collectors and drums that are both ergonomic and easy to use for sharp, jabbing and cutting PIMW


We guarantee the traceability of all our actions during the collection and disposal of your waste.

DASRI gamme
DASRI boite Carton
DASRI lim DASRI boite Carton DASRI-1,8L

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Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract PIMW

Commercial benefits

  • Signature of a PIMW service agreement To define the terms and conditions of the collection and treatment of the producer’s PIMW, as well as the rights and obligations of each signatory.


  • Organization of collection For the regular collection of your waste in accordance with regulatory timeframes, thanks to collectors and drums adapted to your needs and your business (pharmacy, retirement home, laboratory, etc.).


  • Regulatory compliance For the treatment, collection and disposal of your waste in accordance with the French Public Health Code.


  • Traceability To track the different steps of waste management: provision of receipts and waste tracking lips for potentially infectious care activities.

Financial benefits

  • Elis expertise For an exact assessment of your needs based on your activities.


  • Time savings Complete management of waste handling by Elis.