About Us

As the multi-service leader in the rental and maintenance of linens,
work clothes, and hygiene and wellness equipment, Elis’s mission is to simplify the lives of our 400,000 clients.

With our business model based on rental/maintenance, Elis helps to manage costs with guaranteed quality control
and an active environmental strategy. This circular model is the promise of industrial expertise that
we place in the service of our clients so that they can refocus on their core businesses.

The group has operations in Europe and South America.
It actively helps to preserve local jobs and provides multiple services to more
than 400,000 clients of all sizes working in hospitality,
healthcare, industry, commerce and cleaning.

Rental/maintenance: an economic advantage





production and distribution centres, including 112 in France


of our clients in France and located within 50 km of an Elis centre

+ 400 000

clients around the world


Production and Maintenance Agents rewarded for their performance

Our Commitments

To simplify your life and the lives of your customers, To provide you with solutions that meet your needs, To guarantee the best service for you

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Operations in Europe and Latin America

Map Europe

Elis has a presence in 25 European countries

Map south of america

Elis has a presence in 3 Latin American countries (Brazil, Colombia & Chili)

Sustainable Development

Developpement durable

360° responsibility based on three pillars:

  • Offering high-quality, responsible products and services
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our business
  • Facilitating our employees’ personal fulfilment