Hand washing, a vital hygiene solution

Your company’s image, the quality of reception it provides and the attention given to your
employees’ well-being are also expressed in the hygiene solutions available in your washrooms and at your
hand washing stations. To meet your needs, Elis offers a range of manual and automated dispensers and a broad
selection of lotions and foams. To support you in your environmentally-friendly approaches,
Elis also offers eco-labelled products.

Elis_Sanitaire_lavage_salissures_courantes Elis_Sanitaire_lavage_salissures_courantes Elis_Sanitaire_lavage_salissures_courantes

Liquid Lotion and Foam Dispensers

A robust, modern device for your washrooms.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity: liquid lotion: 650 mL or 1,000 mL / foaming lotion: 800 mL
Devices available in a variety of colours and finishes
Comes in manual and no-touch versions

Explore the full range

Sanitaire - lavage salissures courantes - Standard

Standard Foam

An aerated, creamy foam with a delicate fragrance.

Sanitaire - lavage salissures courantes - Lunea Mousse

Lunea Mousse

A scented, Ecolabel certified foam.

Sanitaire - lavage salissures courantes - Lotion cosmétique

Cosmetic Lotion

A creamy, pearly scented lotion.

Sanitaire - lavage salissures courantes - Lotion standard

Standard Lotion

A gentle unscented lotion.



Sanitaire - lavage salissures courantes - Lotion Pêche de Vigne

Vineyard Peach

A gentle, hypoallergenic lotion that leaves a protective, scented film on the skin.

Sanitaire - lavage salissures courantes - Manusoft

Manusoft Lotion

An unscented, colourant-free hypoallergenic lotion for sensitive hands.


Hand hygiene in the service industry

Correctly washed hands = risks prevented

Careful, frequent hand washing is a simple action that is known to reduce the risk of spreading germs.



A personalizable sanitary line

Aqualine washroom equipment can be personalized with four colours, four patterns and three finishes. This personalization can be applied to all the line’s sanitary dispensers (hand drying, toilet paper distribution, toilet hygiene, feminine hygiene and air freshening) for the complete, consistent equipment of your washrooms.



a comprehensive service covering device installation and maintenance plus delivery of consumables.


attractive, ergonomic dispensers available in a variety of colours and finishes.


a lock on each device provides protection against vandalism.

Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract Washroom

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to regular deliveries based on your needs and to maximum responsiveness in unexpected circumstances.


  • Advice You will receive a customized device arrangement and installation plan produced by technical experts.


  • Sustainable development Elis offers a range of products selected for their proven environmental properties, with a broad selection of Ecolabel certified products, environmentally-friendly cotton roller towels, and dispensers designed to prevent overconsumption.

Financial benefits

  • No initial investment required Elis buys and stores the items to give you better budgetary control (no investment required).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your needs

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