Rental/maintenance: so easy!

Buying, managing and maintaining professional garments, linens and hygiene devices demands both know-how and time.

A rental/maintenance contract guarantees optimal management, installation and maintenance of your equipment, plus innovative solutions, under terms designed to meet your needs and your business. When you opt for rental/maintenance by Elis, you are choosing to focus your efforts on your core business whilst retaining control over your budget.

Entrusting your maintenance activities to a single partner promises optimal efficiency with complete peace of mind.




Elis vous accompagne pour définir la solution la plus adaptée à vos besoin

1. Define



Elis will help you define the solution that is best suited to your needs

Based on your business and your structure,
Elis will analyse your needs and recommend the best solution for your budget,
your specific needs and your sector’s requirements.



Elis vous permet de sélectionner vos produits parmi un large choix de gammes

2. Choose



Select your products from a broad array of options

From linens to sanitary devices, by way of beverages and work clothes,
whatever your business, Elis has a variety of ranges
with a large choice of products for you.




Elis vous permet de gagner du temps pour vous concentrer sur votre coeur de métier

3. Enjoy



Save time so you can focus on your core business

Our team’s operational excellence allows us to support you with the best available solutions.
Signing up for Elis’s rental/maintenance service means a guarantee of turnkey services,
a flawless, constant quality of service, great flexibility, and a budget under control.

Because you need to be able to track and manage your service at any time,
you will have your own dedicated account space: MyElis




Need information ?

Do not hesitate to contact us,
we promise to answer you as soon as possible

Choosing a rental/maintenance service means:

Complete control of your budget, Time savings, A solution suited to your needs, A quality guarantee, Elis’s expertise so you can reap the benefits of the latest innovations and Respect for the environment.

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