A changing landscape within the Good Manufacturing Practice

The new EU GMP Annex 1 section 4.13, highlights that suitable cleanroom apparel incl. cleanroom socks are required when entering to the changing rooms for grade B and C cleanrooms. With this change in mind, it has to be recognised that operators are not allowed to wear any kind of outdoor clothing including socks when entering even the changing rooms.

Be assured that we have you covered and can offer you a suitable range of dedicated cleanroom socks with protection and comfort in mind. 

Reusable_Cleanroom_socks Reusable_Cleanroom_socks

Reusable Cleanroom Socks

Benefits :
Ultimate comfort & protection. These reusable socks are designed to maintain optimal protection for the process whilst still maintaining comfort for the wearer.

Technical caracteristics :
Available in a wide range of sizes as well as one-size fits all
Autoclavable versions available
Version without cotton available

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Elis Connected Cleanroom

Connected Cleanrooom

Track & Trace for garments improves SOP compliance for you and time efficiency for your employees.



Goggles providing good coverage with indirect ventilation and an anti-fogging shield that is highly effective after autoclaving


Comfort and durability tests performed in our cleanroom plants


Our Innovation Centre develops new propositions to optimise your cleanroom


Ensuring comfort, durability and protection for your operators

Increase your contamination control, minimising your risks

Fiability and security

  • Security of quality Through dedicated QA work with a focus on LEAN and the continuous monitoring and improvement of our cleanroom plants, you are always ensured high quality products and testing methods.


  • Service reliability We start by building a profile of your business so we understand your needs and expectations. Through ongoing communication, we ensure your deliveries are on time in full.


  • Contingency With 28 separate cleanroom plants across Europe and Latin America, there is contingency between plants without classification compromise, ensuring 100% delivery no matter what circumstances.

Innovation and cost control

  • Cost control Choosing a rental solution requires you to hold no stock as we make that investment for you – freeing up your capital to invest in your core business.


  • Innovation We invest many resources in continuous improvements and in bringing you modern and effective solutions such as track and track– maximising contamination control in your cleanrooms.

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