Fragrance diffusers, creators of comfort in your washrooms

In the interest of offering you a comprehensive range of services,
Elis has designed several models of fragrance diffusers for washrooms to meet your expectations.
They work in any size of space to create a fresh, fragrant atmosphere.
Depending on their specific characteristics, they can be installed by the sinks or in the toilet stalls.

Each diffuser comes with a wide range of scents.


Elis_sanitaire_assainissement_air Elis_sanitaire_assainissement_air

Air Activ

A fragrance diffuser with a simple, discreet design created for washrooms up to 40 m² in size.

Technical characteristics:
Dry spray diffusion
Programmable frequency
Non-toxic formula that poses no risks to human health
Six scents
Device available in several finishes

Explore the full range

Aerosol air fresh

Air Activ

Gamme Aqualine

Diffuseur de parfums par spray sec pour des sanitaires jusqu'à 40 m²


Air +

Eco-friendly fragrance diffusion (no batteries or aerosol required) offering the same scents as Air Activ

Piezoelectric fresh

Air Wind

Gamme Aqualine

Une diffusion sans aérosol, d’une brume légère et discrète de parfums à la fois typés et subtils pour une expérience Premium.


A personalizable sanitary line

Aqualine washroom equipment can be personalized with four colours, four patterns and three finishes. This personalization can be applied to all the line’s sanitary dispensers (hand drying, toilet paper distribution, toilet hygiene, feminine hygiene and air freshening) for the complete, consistent equipment of your washrooms.



a comprehensive service covering device installation and replacement of refills.


fragrance diffusers for a delicately scented atmosphere.


devices that use a variety of adapted diffusion techniques.

Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract Washroom

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to regular deliveries based on your needs and to maximum responsiveness in unexpected circumstances.


  • Advice You will receive a customized device arrangement and installation plan produced by technical experts.


  • Sustainable development Elis offers a range of products selected for their proven environmental properties, with a broad selection of Ecolabel certified products, environmentally-friendly cotton roller towels, and dispensers designed to prevent overconsumption.

Financial benefits

  • No initial investment required Elis buys and stores the items to give you better budgetary control (no investment required).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your needs.

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