Feminine hygiene, with complete serenity

The Labour Code requires that a feminine hygiene solution be provided in women’s washrooms. For that purpose, Elis offers a comprehensive service that is handled from end to end by our Service Representative.

This service ensures the hygienic, private use of the provided receptacles. Users enjoy enhanced comfort because they do not come into manual, visual or olfactory contact with the solution.
Elis’s service guarantees the replacement of our exclusive protective solution and the collection of used bin bags, as per a specific traceability procedure.

Elis_Sanitaire_Hygiène_Féminine Elis_Sanitaire_Hygiène_Féminine Elis_Sanitaire_Hygiène_Féminine


A receptacle with a trap door for improved hygiene and comfort

Technical characteristics:
Comes in foot pedal, manual, no-touch and mini versions
Protective film on the trap door
Biocidal powder (eucalyptus scent)
Available in several finishes

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A dispenser of bags for feminine care products for increased hygiene and discretion


Gamme Aqualine

Une gamme personnalisable au design classique


6 couleurs

standardrouge ceriseturquoisetaupealublanc



3 finitions haut-de-gamme

SilverPrestigeInox Perception


Gamme Fusion

Des couleurs tendances pour dynamiser vos espaces


RavenIndigo Bluecharcoal Stone GreyWhite

GreenDark lilacflamingoRedMarine


Le + Hygiène

Tous les appareils Fusion sont dotés d'un revêtement antibactérien pour une hygiène optimale !



A complete service performed by the Elis Service Representative


Protection of your staff against exposure to germs


Zero visual, manual or olfactory contact for users


Waste is managed and treated as per a Quality procedure

Benefits of a

Commercial benefits

  • Peace of mind Elis is committed to regular deliveries based on your needs and to maximum responsiveness in unexpected circumstances.


  • Advice You will receive a customized device arrangement and installation plan produced by technical experts


  • Sustainable development Elis offers a range of products selected for their proven environmental properties, with a broad selection of Ecolabel certified products, environmentally-friendly cotton roller towels, and dispensers designed to prevent overconsumption.

Financial benefits

  • No initial investment required Elis buys and stores the items to give you better budgetary control (no investment required).


  • Expertise Elis’s teams evaluate the necessary stock levels based on your needs.

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