Pest Control

A guarantee of optimal protection for your establishment.

Pest control and disinfection: Elis offers a comprehensive pest control and prevention service. Adapted to your needs, our 3D Prevention service provides your establishment with optimal protection. An audit of your premises will be conducted to define a preventive protection system for you. In the event of an infestation, curative services will be performed.

Elis also provides complementary services, such as pigeon removal and hood degreasing.

Elis - Traçabilite

Formalized Traceability

Elis offers systematic traceability for all of its services. Thanks to a physical traceability system, the Service Representative records the date of each service on stickers affixed to the devices. A service report is then transmitted by email.

A HACCP file containing the detailed installation plan and the required regulatory documents will also be provided to you.

Elis - Traçabilite

Traceability connected

For the most demanding sectors, Elis has been offering a connected traceability solution since 2016. Thanks to the bar code reading, all the information gathered is transmitted at the end of the intervention on a dedicated customer area. You will also receive the report by e-mail. This dedicated and personalized space,, allows the follow-up of interventions, gives access to a documentary space, a dashboard and an interactive prevention plan.

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