Elis provides you with effective protection against chemical spatter

The Epiacid range was designed specifically to protect against liquid chemical spatter: limited spatter and accidental splashing. The range, which comprises a coat, a jacket and trousers, is certified EN 13034.

Choosing Elis as your partner is a guarantee of easy linens management and durable equipment to withstand the test of time.

Elis - Vêtement de travail - EPI - Projections chimiques limitées Epiacid Elis - Vêtement de travail - EPI - Projections chimiques limitées Epiacid

Coat & Trousers

One light colour available for relatively clean areas

Technical characteristics:
Materials: 65% polyester / 35% cotton
Weight: 245 g/m²
Colours: White

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Elis - Vêtement de travail - EPI - Projections chimiques limitées Epiacid

Jacket & Trousers

One dark colour available for dirtier areas

Technical characteristics:
Materials: 99% polyester / 1% anti-static fibres
Weight: 290 g/m²

Trousers: Grey-green & Black
Jacket: Grey-green



Finishes and details that guarantee optimal safety and comfort when worn


One coat for men and women that adapts easily to the wearer’s body type and size


Elis is committed to providing you with a high visibility line that meets current standards in order to guarantee your employees’ safety.

Epiacid Epiacid Epiacid

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Benefits of a rental/maintenance contract

Commercial benefits

  • Employee safety and recognition  Damage can reduce the level of protection afforded by PPE. Regular maintains preserves the work clothes’ protective properties. Elis offers quality PPE in a complete, modern collection that standardizes your employees’ appearance.


  • Easy linens management  Elis is committed to maximum responsiveness based on your needs and to regular deliveries adapted to your constraints.

Financial benefits

  • No initial investment required Elis buys and stores items for better budgetary control (no investment in clothing).


  • Savings You eliminate the personnel and storage costs associated with linens management. The full service is included in your subscription, giving you total control over your spending.